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05 - 3D Scanning and Printing

Global Class

Assignments and assessment

Fabacademy students: visit the assessment

You are only required to produce an non substractively made object but we encourage to also try all the printing techniques developed in the house and 3d scanning techniques:

  • Print by slicing with the standart 3d printers
  • Robotic plastic extrusion system
  • Paste extrusion (clay recommended) on the delta 3d printer
  • Use the big experimental machine on the electronic labs

Local Class

Presentation 3D Printing Inspirational

Presentation 3D Scanning Detailed

3D Printing overview

3dprinter comparison table generated by Adrien Laveau

3D Printing Equipment Usage Videos

Bio material 3d printer

Grasshopper GCodes Generators

3D Scanning overview

Technique selection flowchart

Scanning resources

Scanning Softwares

3D Printing resources

3D Printable Things

G-Code generators for 3D Printers

3D modelling