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12 - Input Devices

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Local Classes

Input Devices

What is a sensor, sensor types, how to choose them. Theory, applications and examples.

DIY Input Sensors

How to build your own DIY sensors that you can build at home with household materials.

From signals to events

Make stuff with your signals to detect events:

References and resources

Arduino class I

Check the class slidesGuillem class original location

Examples Sketches

Check all the examples in Github. Each folder contains the Arduino sketch and the required circuit in Fritzing.

Soft sensor - Textile-flexible sensor - Wearables sensors

Hall Sensor - Sensors with visualization in grasshopper - Magnetic sensor bicycle speedometer

Capacitive Sensing - BIO PLANT SENSING INTERFACE - CUSTOM TOUCHPAD - Touch SLIDER - Flexible copper sensor - Material stress/load sensor - Disney research on touch interactions

Extra material

Esp8266 Node MCU Connection PinOut

Esp32 Node MCU Connection PinOut

Arduino Uno Connection PinOut

Tipical Commercial sensors