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Setting up git


All information provided in this page comes from here

  • Windows: Gitbash for windows users. This will install git and git bash, a terminal for using the command line in Windows other than the Power Shell.

  • Mac: command line and install from here. You can use homebrew as a package manager. We recommend to install Xcode first (from the app store, for example) and then homebrew.

  • Linux: Use the command sudo apt-get git in the Linux Terminal.

Make an account

  • Make an account in using the email you used in the program registration form

Format for the username

Make a username as such: name_surname

For example if my name is…

Andrés López Lee Peters: andres_lopez


Wongsathon Choonhavan: wongsathon_choonhavan

Do not use dots in your username as you will have problems afterwords.

Go local

  • In your terminal, add your Git username and set your email
git config --global "your_username"
  • Configure you email address for uploading
git config --global ""

Generate SSH Keys

  • Check if you have an SSH KEY already (If you see a long string starting with ssh-rsa, you can skip the ssh-keygen step):
cat ~/.ssh/
  • Generate your SSH key:
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""
  • Now let´s see your keygen
cat ~/.ssh/
  • Copy your key:


clip < ~/.ssh/


pbcopy < ~/.ssh/


xclip -sel clip < ~/.ssh/

Go global

Add the copied key to by following this guide