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Tasks for Module 4

In groups of two (pairs) you should do:

  • Prototype your wearable and experiment with your training model. 1- Develop your soft sensor prototype 2- Buil your dataset with 3 osc messages. Ex (Face recogintion + softsensor + other imput) 3- Train de model

Alt text


Write a post in your personal mdef website, out of your weekly task experience including:

  1. Reflection: The four F’s of active reviewing

    • Facts: An objective account of what happened
    • Feelings: The emotional reactions to the situation
    • Findings: The concrete learning that you can take away from the situation
    • Future: Structuring your learning such that you can use it in the future
  2. Pictures

  3. References

  4. Fabrication files

  5. Add the name of your teammate