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Booking system

For anyone using the Fablab BCN Facilities

FablabBCN Protocol

Go book it


  1. Go to Booking System.
  2. Select Service: the amount of time you are booking
  3. Select Provider: the machine you want to use
  4. Select the Date: only the available slots will show.
  5. Personal data: we need that to send a confirmation of the appointment and the link to cancel the slot.
  6. To finish, click BOOK NOW

Things to consider

  • Students must come to the Fab Lab 15 min before their slot time starts in order to load the file for fabrication.
  • Students can book with 5 weeks advance maximum and a minimum of 24 hours before.
  • If a student makes a reservation and does not come, or comes late, the student will lose the slot and may be restricted for further use
  • Only in force majeure cases, students can cancel their booking using the cancellation link in their confirmation email.
  • The student may only use the machine for the time booked.