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Welcome to Grasshopper!

First time user -Read this

Grasshopper comprehensive: introguide

Online Grasshopper

Grasshopper on the browser: access the link For now, a limited selection of components are available, but more are being added all the time


Grasshopper codes CO-DE-IT link A collection of codes & grammars for Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool included with Rhinoceros.

Sample Files we will use in class:

Download link for zip folder with all the scripts Download link for zip folder with all the scripts-Class 27/05/2020


Physics Engine**



Webcam/ Open Vision

Grasshopper interactive tools tools link - PoseNet: Use PoseOSC to send realtime pose estimation data from your camera to Grasshopper! - FaceOSC: Use FaceOSC to send facial tracking data to Grasshopper! - reacTIVision: Use reacTIVision to detect fiducial tags and their movement! - PostUploader: Use C# to do a POST request to a REST api (namely, to upload a file to - ScreenshotTaker: Python-activated Rhino command to do ViewCaptureToFile. - LispHopper: Lisp (Hy), Python, and Grasshopper. What’s not to like?