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Evaluation criteria

Grade System



In case the student fail to submit on time, the tasks/challenges documentation and repositories. A final -1 will be substracted to the final course grade.

Individual post

  • Write a post out your weekly experience
  • Reflect your learning goals
  • (Challenge week) Add link to the challenge section and repo


Academic level

Level of the project (quality and complexity of the designed prototype/code/artifacts)

  • Add names and links to your individual pages
  • Linked to your individual pages
  • Initial idea / Concept of the Project ( aligned to research areas)
  • Propose (What is supposed to do or not to do)
  • Shown how your team planned and executed the project. (Explain personal contributions)
  • System diagram (illustration explaining function, parts, and relations)
  • Integrated Design (How you designed it - relation between elements)
  • Honest Design (use of technology in a meaningful way, in relation to the topics)
  • Be creative (find solutions with materials and technology you have)
  • Explore design boundaries (based on your expertise)
  • Listed future development opportunity for this project


Level of clarity and detail of the documentation material (photos, video, text, etc)

  • How did you fabricate it (fabrication processes and materials)
  • Design & Fabrication files (open source or open format)
  • BOM (Build of Materials)
  • Iteration Process (spiral development)
  • Described problems and how the team solved them
  • Photographies of the end artifacts


Involvement, Motivation level, proactive behaviors

  • Attendance to classes
  • Proactive behaviours to find answers during the challenge
  • Help others student’s projects
  • Participation in feedbacks sessions
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes ( going out of your confort zone)


  • Bonus