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Networking and Communications

We use networks and communication protocols to distribute and connect systems due to:

  • location: not all operations in a system are possible on the same hardware
  • paralelism: we want to do several things at the same time
  • modularity: to develop modules, making more easily scalable and repairable
  • interference: avoid interference between systems


Protocol vs Network

A network is a group of computers connected among themselves through communication lines.

A protocol is the set of rules that specify message formatsand procedures that allow machines and programs to exchange information.


Networks can be of various shapes and types (wiki):

  • transmission media: cable, optic, radio frequency

World map of submarine cables.pngWikipedia

  • topology


  • range:


To keep in mind

Choose a network type depending on your needs, and checking the items below:

  • Power consumption
  • Range
  • Bandwidth
  • Existing networks? or adhoc?
  • Mobility