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Electronics production


Global Class

Assignments and assessment

Fabacademy students: visit the assessment

You need to produce 1 of the three options from below. If you want to have all the options for programmers (to be able to program any chip), you need to make 3 boards and 2 adapters:

  • FabIsP Programmer (any variant but we recommend the recommended fabisp)
  • FTDI SERIAL (hello.USB-serial.FT230X) + adapter UPDI (hello.serial-UPDI.FT230X)
  • CMSIS-DAP (hello.CMSIS-DAP.10.D11C) + adapter 10-4 pins (hello.SWD.10-4)

Here is the link to all the boards

Local Class

Electronic production Overview

Basics of electronics

Microcontroller basics

Available microcontrollers and worflows

Using EDBG to Program D11C Boards

Other years


Does the programmer need to work to complete the assignment?

Yes, by the end of Embedded Programming week. Because you will program your board from Electronics Design week with it. It is highly recommended that you attempt it this week and explain ALL the debugging that you did to try to find out problems.

Can we use the locally compiled version of Fab modules to mill PCBs and moulds?

There are no requirements for what you use for CAD and CAM, and certainly not to use mods. Having said that, the mods algorithms are more efficient than the older fab modules, so something’s wrong if they’re taking more time for you. And mods is easier to configure, and shows the internals of the algorithms, so Neil recommends getting set up to use them.


Fab Modules/MODS

Precision milling CNC/VINYL tutorials