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This section is a compilation of the video classes given by the Fab Lab Barcelona team, for the Fabacademy / MDEF courses


[Machine Design] - SPML Machine

[Wildcard week] - How to make a remote controlled CNC draw in the sand (The CNC by the sea)

[Thursday’s hyperconnected] - The CNC by the sea

[Molding and casting] - Design & Machining, Materials & Processes

[Networking and Communications] - What we learnt from onions

[Networking and communications] - DIY network

[Networking and communications] - Wired and OTA Networking

[CODE CLUB] - Computer vision II

[Interface and application programming] - Blender as Interface

[Invention, Intellectual Property & Income]- From All Rights Retained to All Rights

[MAKER CLUB] - Grasshopper III

[Interface and application programming] - Unity

[Interface and application programming] - Aframe

[Interface and application programming] - Web application (Html)

[Interface and application programming] MIT App Inventor

[Interface and application programming] Processing, P5

[Output Devices] - Debugging Electronics

[CODE CLUB] - Computer vision

[Computer Controlled Machining] - RHINOCAM Debugging class

[Output devices] - DIY Actuators

[Output devices] - Output Device & Debugging

[MAKE CLUB] - Grasshopper, Scripting visualization II

[MAKE CLUB] - Grasshopper, Scripting visualization

[CODE CLUB] - Interfacing with hardware (sensors)

[Input devices] - From signals to events (DSP)

[Input devices] - DIY Sensors

[Input devices] - Sensors/Inputs class

[MAKER CLUB] - Grasshopper, Firefly

[Embedded programming] - Platformio

[Embedded programming] - How computer works

[MDEF] - Weekly review

[Computer Controlled Machining] - Aspire and Rhinocam

[CODE CLUB] - Interfacing with the web II

[CODE CLUB] - Interfacing with the web I